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Carlos Danziato

Inscrito: 28/09/20

Comentários de Carlos Danziato
Bitcoin 29.03.2022 18:28
Adriano, perfect! Shutdown for the terrorists! Adriano, perfect! Shutdown for the terrorists!
Bitcoin 24.02.2022 18:09
Bitcoin 24.02.2022 16:57
Flavio, you are correct! The terrorists on this forum criticize BTC but actually end up staying in it out of hatred or passion.We can call them bankrupts masochists. They are pathetic.
Bitcoin 22.02.2022 18:56
Perfect Diego!
Bitcoin 22.02.2022 18:04
Diego, perfect! You are 100% correctly!A lot of bankrupts on this forum that should be eliminated. If they are not satisfied with BTC grab the bags and go to Merval to trade Argentine pesos.As you mentioned: their attitude here is pathetic. They are wasting time and energy.
Bitcoin 16.02.2022 11:12
Flavio, you are correct. No comments about them.They are the pathetic bankrupts.
Bitcoin 16.02.2022 8:52
Perfect Marcos!
Bitcoin 12.02.2022 19:53
Flavio, you are totally correct!What to expect from people with this mindset.
Bitcoin 11.02.2022 16:59
Flavio, totally agree with you. Really incredible!
Bitcoin 10.02.2022 12:57
Perfect Flavio!
Bitcoin 08.02.2022 9:13
Guilherme, perfect. JP Morgan report shows the same scenario.
Bitcoin 07.02.2022 17:16
Exactly Flavio!
Bitcoin 05.02.2022 22:26
Japanese you are broke. You are in the wirong place. Go to Merval!
Bitcoin 04.02.2022 23:01
Welcome to the team japanese!
Bitcoin 04.02.2022 22:58
Bitcoin 04.02.2022 22:58
Perfect Falvio! Out all bankrupts! Go to Merval to buy argentinian pesos!
Bitcoin 04.02.2022 13:35
Perfect Flavio! Are the famous bankrupts!
Bitcoin 03.02.2022 10:13
Bitcoin 02.02.2022 22:29
Great Flavio! Merval is also recommended for bakrupts!
Bitcoin 02.02.2022 22:23
Bitcoin 31.01.2022 13:56
Flavio, congrats for your explanation and forget about the comments of the bankrupts. They are in the wrong forum.
Bitcoin 24.01.2022 20:20
perfect Alan!
Bitcoin 24.01.2022 14:48
got it!
Bitcoin 24.01.2022 13:27
Perfect Flavio!
Bitcoin 24.01.2022 13:27
Perfeito! Parabens Flavio!