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Bancos Centrais Mundiais

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Lista de Países:

  Nome Taxa Atual País
Banco do Canadá (BOC)

O Banco do Canadá (em francês: Banque du Canada) é o banco central canadense. Foi criado pela lei bancária de 1934 (Bank of Canada Act 1934) com o objetivo de “promover o...

2,50%  Canadá
Banco Central de Catar (QCB)

The Qatar Central Bank was originally the Qatar Monetary Agency, founded in 1971 when that country separated from the United Arab Emirates and disengaged itself from...

2,0%  Catar
Banco Nacional do Cazaquistão

The National Bank represents, within the limits of its authority, the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the relations with the central banks, with banks of other...

9,25%  Cazaquistão
Banco Central do Chile

The Central Bank of Chile was created by decree law No. 486, 21 August 1925, under the government of President Arturo Alessandri Palma. This initiative arose as one of...

0,75%  Chile
Banco Popular da China (PBOC)

O Banco Popular da China é o banco central da República Popular da China. Ele tem o poder de controlar a política monetária e regulamentar as instituições financeiras da...

2,75%  China
Banco Central de Chipre

The Central Bank of Cyprus was established in 1963, shortly after Cyprus gained its independence, as an autonomous institution in accordance with the Central Bank of...

0,0%  Chipre
Autoridade Monetária de Cingapura (MAS)

The Monetary Authority of Singapore is the central bank of Singapore. It was set up in 1971 to oversee various monetary functions associated with banking as well as...

0,06%  Cingapura
Banco da República

The Bank of the Republic is the central bank of the Republic of Colombia. Its main functions are detailed by the Congress according to the Ley 31 de 1992. One of them is...

4,25%  Colômbia
Banco Central das Comores (BCC)

The Central Bank of the Comoros is the central bank of the Comoros, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. The statutes of the BCC state that its Board of Directors...

0%  Comoros
Banco Central do Congo

The Central Bank of the Congo is the central bank of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The bank's main offices are on Boulevard Colonel Tshatshi in La Gombe in...

14,00%  Congo
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